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The Cheapest Way to Ship Heavy Items Internationally

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Adapt or Die

Expanding your offering to include international shipping can be daunting for any business. The logistics and costs related to packing, storing, transporting and delivering purchased goods are significant and the entire endeavor is not without its risks. Yet, in 2018, going global is no longer reserved for the savvy, growth-minded business owner. In a digitally transformed commercial market, where the world is every shopper’s oyster and peer-to-peer personal imports are outperforming brick-and-mortar shops, e-commerce stores must adapt by offering international parcel delivery – or watch their business die.

E-commerce is growing 23% year-over-year

Of the 45% of all sales executed through marketplaces, the most common platforms are Amazon (36%), eBay (8%) and Etsy-type stores (1%). These marketplaces are large, international and offer great international parcel shipping services that are not limited to any single purchaser’s own country’s borders. But even they are limited in what they can ship – and to where. Not all products ship to all (or any) international destinations, especially when it comes to large parcel courier, which requires ocean freight forwarding.

As a result, even though e-commerce continues to grow, an increasing number of consumers are diverting their business away from physical and digital stores. Instead, they are looking to purchase their sought-after items from shopper peers. To counteract this trend, businesses must go global – with their shipping, that is.

Many reasons why

A direct byproduct of living in a digital consumer world is the fact that shoppers no longer shy away from making international purchases. In fact, as long as the acquired product makes its way to their doorstep and they know exactly how much it costs to ship internationally, shoppers really don’t care where their purchaseit was shipped from. And as a business owner, you have a vested interest in adapting your shipping services to include as many international destinations as possible: reports indicate that offering international shipping instantly enables you to increase your store’s revenue by 15%!

There are two main reasons your business should offer international parcel servicesshipping. The first is fulfilling customer demands by supplying them with the products they seek, regardless of their location, which naturally correlates with more positive user experiences. And shopper satisfaction is a key driver of retention, referrals and future conversions.

The second main reason to offer your customers international shipping is its ability to improve your business’ potential for profitability and growth. Under this category, multiple secondary reasons include:

     Driving a broader customer base to your e-commerce website

     Extending the sales life of your products by injecting them into new markets

     Balancing sales by responding to the needs of shoppers in markets experiencing varying seasons or demand cycles

     Reducing your dependency on making sales in your local market

     Positioning your business as consumer-centric and innovative

     Successfully competing against international and local businesses on their home turf

Why not?

Two words: marketing  and logistics. Businesses essentially know which product mix, at what price and where would be most attractive to sell on a global scale. Additionally, they believe that coordinating with freight forwarders and understanding taxation-related issues to insure the best customer service would be a hassle. Alternately, they have not found a partner who can help them deliver both large and small items internationally, thus keeping their offering limited.

Now, thanks to Ladingo, they don’t have to.

Ladingo helps businesses sell global, but ship local

Ladingo seeks to disrupt the global shipping industry by removing barriers related to international parcel delivery of items of all shapes and sizes, from anywhere and to anywhere in the world. The Ladingo solution, based on AI and Big-Data, automatically optimizes the contents of virtual containers online, ensuring all pricing is presented upfront and all “importer” purchase requests are consolidated within a unified and automated platform. All merchants need to do is ship their items to a Ladingo-designated local warehouse and enjoy the cheapest way to ship large – and small packages. From that point on, Ladingo’s certified freight forwarders take over, transporting the items via ocean freight or air freight, after which they are delivered door-to-door, easily and without friction.

With Ladingo, each party optimizes its own position, so that every item, large and small, makes its way to yet another satisfied shopper, regardless of his or her location across the globe.


Ladingo – sell, ship & scale like never before! 

For more information, contact us or check out the company’s LinkedIn page.

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以星物流中国(ZLC)、Ladingo和以星航运(ZIM) 联合推出全新服务 — ZL MAX

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