The #1 Reason for Cart Abandonment & How It Can Be Resolved

Complex shipping processes and unexpected international shipping costs can halt even the most avid of shoppers in their tracks

Online merchants want you to buy their products. They will do almost anything to get you to complete your purchase. Yet studies indicate that nearly 67.91% of online shopping carts containing at least one item are abandoned before the purchase process is completed. And depending on the vertical your business belongs to, this staggering statistic can span from 60% to 80%. This is, in part, the result of our world’s expanding digitization. Consumers have become self-educated, engaging in much research before settling on a particular purchase. And if they cannot find the product they want at the price they seek and under the taxation, shipping and delivery conditions they require, they will simply turn to another merchant, or even to peer-to-peer purchases, regardless of where that merchant is located across the globe. 

The #1 reason for cart abandonment: It’s all about the shipping

The main reason for cart abandonment is defined as anything falling under the category of “extra costs.” 61% of cart abandoners cite unexpected shipping costs and complex processes, as key factors influencing their purchase decision – or namely, their decision not to purchase. That’s a huge segment with tons of purchase power and potential. But how much does it cost to ship internationally? What about large item courier?

Shipping can be a hot topic for consumers  AND merchants. Consumers want to know how much they have to pay up-front. They don’t want to be surprised with tax payments or the purchase of required complementary items. They want transparency, consistency and reliability. Merchants want to provide their customers with just that. However, at the same time they struggle with a wide variety of international shipping challenges. These shipping challenges can result in their inability to provide great, upfront and transparent pricing, or to provide international parcel delivery at all.

International shipping is not always smooth sailing

The process of shipping retail goods internationally involves many hands and many points and ports of transfer. And once a product leaves the warehouse’s shipping port, its control is out of the retailer’s hands, leaving the consumer at the mercy of other parties, distributors and shippers, who may place less value on service, economic-efficiency and fulfillment. This, as well as challenges regarding filling a container and locating shipper in the first place, can lead to very high or fluctuating shipping prices and complex, highly involved shipping processes.

Consumers seek the cheapest way to ship internationally. When consumers see that their shipping costs continuously change, or are high from the get-go, they abandon carts. And when merchants see that their customers aren’t making purchases, they are not motivated to work extra hard and provide better, more seamless international shipping services.

It doesn’t help that no solution exists to resolve these technical challenges

Until now, that is. Ladingo is the first technological ecommerce shipping solution that enables the simple, straightforward and automated purchase of items to be shipped internationally. Ladingo is the cheapest way to ship large – and small, packages. Ladingo guarantees shipping costs, up-front, for any size product, overseeing the entire shipment process, from the merchant’s warehouse,  until the item is delivered to the customer’s doorstep. Ladingo automates the sharing of shipping containers for B2C e-commerce, making cost-effective delivery not just possible, but optimized to be delivered along the best route to satisfy every consumer’s individual needs.

With Ladingo’s international delivery solutions, each party optimizes its own position, so that every consumer completes his or her purchase regardless of his or her location across the globe, or the size of the product acquired.

Ladingo – Sell BIG and Scale

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