Comparing Shipping Rates for Heavy Items in 2018

The world of retail e-commerce is enabled largely thanks to the services provided by shipping couriers. Millions of packages are shipped domestically and internationally each day, fulfilling orders of products from smart phones and accessories to clothing, cosmetics and more. Yet, the majority of these domestic and international shipping services focus on small items, delivered mostly via air-freight. When it comes to international shipping services for large or heavy items, the options are far more limited – and tend to cost a lot.

Truth: Sellers & couriers avoid shipping large items internationally

Sellers dislike shipping their large or heavy items internationally, due to the sea of regulation, documentation, customs and taxation red tape that makes the process more complex than shipping those same items domestically. These challenges, coupled with the intricacy involved in physically shipping the item overseas, can lead to high and unexpected costs being added to the shopper’s bill – a lose-lose for sellers, couriers (and their customers) alike.

Truth: Shipping rate charges vary among the world’s leading international couriers

The good news: the very internet that brought retail shopping to the comfort of your customer’s living room sofa also brought you the ability to compare international shipping rates online, which is great, because the shipping rate charges you’ll pay to one courier service can vary from what you’d pay for the identical shipment delivered by a competitor. As such, comparing shipping rates is the only way to discover the cheapest way to ship heavy packages internationally in 2018.

But first, you need to know a few things about the heavy item you wish to ship:

  • Your package’s weight
  • The volume of your order (how many items do you intend to ship)
  • From where to where (geographic location) will the package be shipped?
  • Is your package part of a residential or commercial delivery?

Once you know exactly what your heavy item shipment will contain and where it must be shipped, you will be better equipped to understand priorities and nuances between the leading international courier services.

Truth: Selecting an international shipping service can be as consuming as buying a house

When you routinely ship heavy items internationally, it’s a good idea to do you due diligence, research leading international shipping services – much like you would when seeking to buy a new house. Harness this knowledge to embark upon a long-term partnership with the service that offers you the cheapest shipping rates for the type of packages you need delivered overseas. Doing so will not only help you save money in the long-term, but it will also foster a sense of stability and trust among your customers, who will select your service as the “home” for all their international shipping needs.

But which shipper has the cheapest rates?

Keep in mind, each international shipping service has its own basic rates, shipping limits, tracking services, delivery markets, restrictions and other deciding features.

FedEx vs. UPS vs. DHL vs. USPS vs. Ladingo


Known for next-day delivery, FedEx is the world’s second-largest carrier, worth over $50 billion in revenue and employing a team of 40,000 shipping gurus. The company prides itself on ensuring customer satisfaction and is willing to negotiate shipping rates for high-volume shippers. However, shipping with FedEx can also mean running into many unexpected surcharges, including extra costs based on package size and weight, pick-up, delivery and international out-of-area location. So, if you’re shipping heavy items overseas, FedEx may not be your best bet.


Based in Atlanta, Georgia, United Parcel Service (UPS) is the world’s largest shipping service. UPS provides complete shipping services, controlling every aspect of the shipment process, from processing and transportation to handling. Yet, while this does enhance UPS’s control and efficiency over the international shipping process, your package might still be subject to one of 19 surcharges. These can include extra costs that vary depending on the delivery area, especially if the destination is outside predetermined service areas, as well as large/oversize/overweight item surcharges. You will have to weigh these cons against the potential pro of negotiating a lower basic rate based on current or expected shipping needs.


German logistics company DHL provides what is considered to be the greatest international shipping services in the world, thanks to its development and nurturing of a vast global network with rich connections. DHL is also known for understanding the intricacies of customs and taxation better than any other international shipping service and even offer to help sellers navigate the complex payment processes (for a fee). Yet, while DHL does offer international shipping via air and ocean freight, the company does have a weak US presence, in comparison to other international shippers. And even though DHL’s basic costs are cheaper than many other international shipping services, their surcharges for pickup, overweight and other factors are significantly more expensive.


Like other shipping services, the United States Postal Service (USPS) offers negotiated pricing and package analysis at rates sellers can appreciate. No surcharges are applied to already low shipping rates (except for exorbitant insurance costs), BUT the delivery process can be relatively slow. At the end of the day, you’ll need to decide whether your customers will be happier with lower shipping costs or faster delivery.


Champion of the global fulfillment of international purchases of all sized items, Ladingo is the first e-commerce delivery company to create a technological solution that enables the simple, straightforward and automated purchase of items to be shipped internationally – at the cheapest possible price. The innovative platform introduces the possibility of the low-cost, international shipping of small and large items purchased through B2C e-commerce channels by:

  • Automating the fulfillment process of large items from the online shop to the customer’s doorstep
  • Building a technology that uses ocean freight to enable the international B2C e-commerce of items of all sizes
  • Utilizing a container-sharing technology to lower shipping costs, per customer
  • Digitizing all documentation and the calculation of all taxation, to present all costs to the shopper, upfront

Truth: Ladingo enables the cheapest international shipping rates for your heavy packages in 2018

Ladingo is your trusted partner in the international shipping of heavy items. When comparing shipping rates, Ladingo’s will always come out cheaper, thanks to the company’s cutting-edge platform. So, stop comparing international courier rates and start enjoying cheaper, more-efficient and transparent international shipping services, with Ladingo.

For more information about our cost-effective e-commerce delivery solutions, contact us today.

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