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Global shipping
Global shipping

Sure. Once a shipment is booked you will be able to track it directly from the Ladingo system under “Shipments”.

The HS- code helps us to know what is the exact product you are shipping and if it has any regulation. If you know the category, you can choose that instead of entering the HS-code. If you don’t know the HS, or can’t find the category, you can write us to [email protected] and our team will be happy to help you with the classification of the product,

Of course. Every shipment is insured all the way (door to door) according to its value.

For now it’s completely free to use Ladingo, including all the features like tracking, labeling etc.

Ladingo is currently operating in 4 countries , United States, China, Canada and Israel. Ladingo is working on adding more countries to it’s system, stay tuned!

The shipping rate is the absolute final rate and already includes the duties and taxes. You will not have any extra charges, assuming you provided an accurate data. Ladingo guarantees the rate.

The shipping rate we generate always includes all the customs charges, also the duties themselves if there are any.

Depends on the locations, from China to US it’ll take typically 20-30 days to arrive. From US to Canada it’ll take around 7-8 days.

We do not always ship by sea, Ladingo’s job is to optimize the route for best rate and ETA, according to it we choose best port of origin and destination, sea/ air/ ground freight.

Yes. All side are notified, the shipper and the recipient.

Our service representatives are available for you via email [email protected] or chat, contact us!