Ladingo believes that logistics should be logical

We automate and oversee the shipping of your products so you can focus on other important tasks, like selling more and scaling your business.

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Get shipping rates in seconds

  • Time, the one resource we have so little of. At Ladingo we know you need to focus on sales more than anything else, this is why Ladingo is not letting you wait for shipping rates.

    Once the CSV of the orders is uploaded, you will be able to see the shipping rate for each and every order.
    No more waiting for days for your forwarder's answer.

    *Ladingo also offers calculators without the need to upload a CSV file.

Manage and track shipments 

  • As an importer/exporter, the process of shipping your product from China to America might drain your efforts and resources. But using Ladingo to orchestrate the entire shipping process from door to door eliminate risks and increase your returns.

    Upload your CSV of order to see them on the dashboard. Keep track with your upcoming shipments, ongoing deliveries, search and add remarks.
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ship cross border

Handle cross-border, large and/or heavy shipments, LCLs/LTLs – Easily!

  • Shipping furniture? bicycles? Mattresses? you probably know how expensive it gets when the package is over the 150 lbs. Ladingo's consolidation technology and collaboration with multiple sellers across the globe, makes it affordable to ship large items to your international customers.
  • Exporters: When you ship to your global distributors, a pallet, two or 10, you want to make it easy for them to buy from you and be competitive with the shipping rates, with Ladingo you can make the experience seamless and affordable for them and for you.
  • Importers: When you want to import good from another country, a pallet, two or 10, whether you are a beginner or a pro, it is never easy to deal with the logistics and the related bureaucracy. Ladingo is doing the heavy lifting for you so you can deal with the important stuff, like selling your products.

Taxes & duties automated and included

  • We like surprises, but not from this kind. When the taxes and the duties are unknown, or inaccurate, it's a risk for the recipient. The payment may be more, and even much more than expected. The recipient may figure this out only when the goods arrive to the port of destination. Mistakes in the calculation or classification could be costly and may even kill a business.

    Ladingo has automated the taxes and duties calculations. The tariffs in the destination country are calculated automatically and included in the shipping rate generates by the software. We believe in our technology that much, that we commit to the rates.

    When using Ladingo you don't take risks, you know exactly what you are paying for in advance, the fees are final and guaranteed, no surprise costs upon arrival.
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Print branded labels

  • Easily print branded labels for your shipments, with your logo. All the data is already there, just click the Print button in the software.

Customs Automation

  • Complicated documentation = human errors.

    Why not let the machine do it? Ladingo is generating the relevant customs documentation per destination, and doing the customs clearance for you. The customs clearance is completely seamless for you, no matter if your are the seller of the importer.
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