How E-commerce Logistics Have Been Revolutionized in 2019

The retail e-commerce market has experienced tremendous change in recent years, with technological innovation serving as a prime accelerator for this year-over-year growth. B2B e-commerce is expected to be worth $6.7 trillion USD by 2020 and B2C e-commerce retail sales are expected to top $6 trillion USD by 2021. As this market continues to accelerate and expand its offering, customers are growing accustomed to the speed and ease of shopping online – and are demanding fulfillment from e-stores, regardless of their location across the globe, or their purchase’s dimensions.

To meet global e-commerce logistics fulfillment demands, two key industry players must join forces. They are e-commerce logistics providers and e-commerce logistics solutions. This means that logistics companies such as FedEX, UPS, DHL Express and others, are going to be given a run for their money, unless they can integrate and implement the most innovative e-commerce logistics solutions that optimize shipping processes for faster, cheaper and more seamless fulfillment – with haste.

How are the best logistics companies for e-commerce to adapt and compete? Here are some of the hottest e-commerce logistics trends of 2019 that are taking the industry by storm, ones you should most certainly adopt.

Global reach  

In 2019, brands seeking to maximize their ROI must also maximize their reach. That means selling all of your merchandise, including items big and small, to customers from across the globe, and enabling said purchased items to be shipped from your warehouse, to the buyer’s front door.


Using automation technology can help eliminate the logistical complexities surrounding international e-commerce fulfillment, so you and your customers can enjoy the best, fastest, most direct and economical international freight shipping process, from end-to-end. Customs docs, container allocation & optimization, labeling and other elements of the digital fulfillment process must be satisfactorily attended to for shipments of all sizes – all regulation, taxation and documentation, if you’re going to provide revolutionary e-commerce solutions in 2019.

Tracking and monitoring

Transparency is part of the international shipping game. It is absolutely imperative that you know where your parcel is at all times – and let your customer know too! To satisfactorily ensure your items make their way to your customers’ front doors, you should most definitely monitor package status, incoming shipments, container assignment, documentation and more. Doing so will help optimize and plan your international shipping operations ahead of time, as well as stay on top of any potential missteps, so you can correct them before anyone else discovers something’s gone awry, and maintain top customer satisfaction levels, throughout the sales funnel and journey.

Keep processes low cost – and start making more money

Shipping directly from e-commerce store to customer home can help eliminate many a third-party service provider cost, and help mitigate one of the most significant reasons customers do not shop online – and e-commerce store owners shy away from the whole endeavor altogether: high international shipping costs. It is unfortunate that international shipping has been historically linked with high and unexpected costs, in additional to process complexities, but in 2019, those ties are being severed, with astounding success. One particular technological solution, Ladingo, is revolutionizing the global e-commerce logistics market by generating complete, transparent shipping quotes in real-time, ahead of time, guaranteed. Ladingo’s business shipping solution enables ocean forwarders to scale their business by receiving large items for shipment from online-shops, without allocating additional resources, and brands can save more and earn more from every sale.


The future of e-commerce logistics is looking more pragmatic, digitally-savvy and friendly for all parties involved. Technological innovation is proving to be the prime motivator of growth, but a human conscience and touch remain essential in meeting brands, freight forwarders and consumers’ demands to greater personalization, greater shipping options and greater discounts on traditional international shipping costs. Ladingo’s e-commerce logistics solution is the key to meeting 2019’s e-commerce logistics trends fully and satisfactorily.

Ladingo is the first company to create a technological solution that enables the simple, straightforward and automated purchase of items to be shipped internationally. The innovative platform introduces the possibility of the low-cost, international shipping of large, heavy and bulky items purchased through B2C e-commerce channels by:

  • Automating the fulfillment process of large items from the online shop to the customer’s doorstep
  • Building a technology that uses ocean freight to enable the international B2C e-commerce of items of all sizes
  • Utilizing a container-sharing technology to lower shipping costs, per customer
  • Digitizing all documentation and the calculation of all taxation, to present all costs to the shopper, upfront

With Ladingo, buying large items such as furniture, bikes or grills from international e-businesses is as easy as ordering a book or a t-shirt online.

For more information and to join the Ladingo e-commerce logistics revolution, contact us.

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