how it works

Buyer choses a large product, proceeds to checkout and places home address (overseas) for large item courier.

Buyer get a shipping quote that includes tax & duties, last mile and estimated delivery time for the cheapest way to ship large parcels overseas.

ladingo-ecommerce shipping solutions for retailers

Buyer places order for large parcel delivery.

Seller gets local shipping address for large parcel courier and ships product to it.

Ladingo’s forwarder accepts package at warehouse and assigns to preset international parcel service container.

Forwarder handles customs for international parcel export.

Forwarder loads on container considering loading terms preset by seller.

ocean freight shipping rates

Product ships to buyer

Forwarder accepts product in destination country and handles customs – all documentation is auto-generated and forwarder knows exactly how much it costs to receive large parcels from overseas.

When product is cleared, it will be shipped to buyer’s door

One very happy customer!