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How to Keep Your Supply Chain Strong During Disruptions

How to Keep Your Supply Chain Strong During Disruptions

How to Keep Your Supply Chain Strong During Disruptions

How to Keep Your Supply Chain Strong During Disruptions

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How to Keep Your Supply Chain Strong During Disruptions

The Ladingo Team 

Just when things seem to calm down, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine threatens to worsen the global shipping situation. Shipping costs may rise due to fuel costs, and many commodity shortages are very likely too. A disruption in the supply chain can cost your business big time if you’re not prepared. During these fragile times, many events could potentially disrupt your operations if your supply chain isn’t strong enough to handle them. Fortunately, with the right preparation and planning, you can ensure that your supply chain will be able to keep running smoothly, even of a disruption. Here are some ways you can strengthen your supply chain.   

Keep a close eye on your inventory 

With the current supply chain situation and demand just continuing to increase, many businesses and Amazon sellers are struggling to keep enough stock. Watching your inventory carefully and making sure you are well stocked can save you a lot of money when situations are worsened. If possible, add a little stock just for safety, but be careful not to overload your warehouse since that can lead to higher storage costs.

If you are an Amazon seller, be sure to check Amazon Sellers Central FBA space limitations so that you won’t be overstocked but have enough stock.

Build relationships with suppliers

Better communication with your suppliers not only helps you to run your sourcing process pleasantly but also helps you plan better. Having good relationships with your suppliers allows you to access information more quickly, which will allow you to plan better in case of delays, shortages, and more. Building a good relationship is a good idea not only with your current suppliers but also with future potential suppliers. You will want to keep your options open so you will be able to adapt quickly in case of sudden changes with your current supplier.

Be prepared for anything with a backup plan

In the current reality, the supply chain is very fragile. For this reason, you should always be prepared for anything. You should evaluate your supply chain risks and prepare your business accordingly. At any stage that can be affected by disruptions, you should consider possible alternatives. For example, consider different shipping options in case they will be necessary, or different locations for manufacturing, especially in prone areas.

Use technology to improve your shipping process

Use software like Ladingo to ship your products from China to the US quickly and easily. Using Ladingo, you’ll ship your goods with ZIM’s express service, which guarantees you a quick shipping time and priority in all ports. The automated system allows you to generate quotes and ship directly from the system. Before you place the order, the system already provides you with the best rate with customs estimation. Moreover, you get full-deal visibility, with tracking service and notifications for every milestone.

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