How to Ship Products from China to an Amazon FBA in the US?

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The Ladingo Team 

If you are an Amazon seller or thinking about starting an Amazon FBA business, you may be struggling to figure out how to ship your products from China to an Amazon FBA but aren’t sure where to start. If so, you have come to the right place. Here are some tips that will help you ship your products from China to an Amazon FBA.

Choose your products wisely

Before shipping to an Amazon FBA, you need to decide what products you are planning to sell. Choosing the right products is a crucial step for a successful Amazon business. First, Choose profitable items. You can use tools such as Jungle Scout and Helium 10 for this. Make sure you do not count only on the price you can set for the item, but calculate how much your final earning will be (after shipping, packing, marketing, and Amazon commission).

Second, check if the products you wish to sell are allowed in FBA. For example, liqueur, weapons, tobacco products, and so on, are prohibited. To avoid any issues, check Amazon updated regulations on their official website.

Also, don’t forget to check customs and taxes for the products you wish to sell before purchasing them. In some cases, the customs rate can be so high that it won’t be profitable to sell it. In that case, you will have to choose between selling the product at a higher price or lowering your income from it. You can find the customs rate on the official US HTS website, or you can use Ladingo to get a shipping quote with the customs rate estimation.

Pack and Label your Boxes Properly

After choosing the proper products, the next thing you must do before shipping is to make sure to pack and label them properly according to Amazon FBA requirements. For example, do not place labels on a seam or opening on the box or any other place where they might be damaged when the box is opened. Both labels must be scannable and readable so keep them uncovered. The full instructions are found on Amazon seller central. Improper packing or labeling can cause rejection by the FBA, so be conscious of these rules.

Save Money on Shipping by Choosing LCL (Less Than Container Load) Shipments.

Now that your products are ready, all is left to do is to ship your goods to an Amazon FBA. For cost-effective shipping, choose to ship your goods in a less than container load (LCL) shipment. With this method, you share the container with other people’s items, resulting in lower prices for both of you. Search for carriers that offer LCL shipping directly from China to FBA. 

To make shipping to Amazon FBA even easier, use Ladingo! Simple, free-to-use software for shipping LCLs directly from China to FBAs around the US. With Ladingo you can get quotes and book shipments online with just a few clicks and you can track your shipments at any time. Ladingo integrates with Amazon marketplace to save you unnecessary extra work.

Be Aware of Supply Chain Disruptions and be Prepared for Them

Throughout the year there are peak times and shutdowns you should be aware of and be prepared for, such as Chinese New Year, Black Friday, etc. However, since the Covid-19 outbreak, the world is facing global supply chain disruptions such as a rise in prices, container shortages, port conjunctions, and so on. You can prevent your store from being out of stock by being aware of the situation and planning early.

One way you can save time is to use automated software such as Ladingo to get quotes and book shipments. Just by using Ladingo, you can save days of waiting for quotes from freight forwarders, while with Ladingo, you can get a quote immediately from the system and book your shipment directly.

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从中国向美国进口时应避开的3个主要雷区 美国从中国进口什么?不进口什么?美国人喜欢从中国进口商品——因为产品便宜,质量达标,而且中国工业市场的生产力一直都充足。事实上,在美国的大型市场上,包括亚马逊、eBay和沃尔玛,有30%-50%的卖家是中国人或从中国进口的美国人。然而,从中国进口商品的过程可能很复杂。以下是你必须避开的3个雷区: 1 – 选对供应商 从中国进口到美国的产品,在购买之前,你必须比较来自不同制造商或供应商的同类产品,以确保质量最好,价格最好。首先在阿里巴巴等网站上采购多个产品,直接联系供应商获取报价,并创建同类产品列表,以便比较。阿里巴巴是个不错的进口工具。我们建议经常查看“信用保障”和“金品诚企会员”框,以防止选到不可靠的供应商。你也可以尝试、Made-In-China.com等提供类似服务的网站。同样的流程也适用于选择从中国到美国的货运公司。仔细研究每一家运输公司提供的服务,确保你购买的货物能尽可能快速、无缝、实惠地安全送到目的地。如果跳过这一步,你将可能面临从中国向肯尼亚进口手机、等待发货的时间不合理、或者收到错误或有缺陷的商品等风险(由于语言差距相当大,并且在紧急情况下可能会在包装、运输等方面出错)。 2 – 努力解决“额外成本”问题- 进口手续费,税费和关税 想知道如何从中国进口商品并享受最佳性价比?自然,你会想用尽可能少的钱把你的货物从中国运到美国,并通过海关。但从长远来看,采取一些常见做法,比如故意低估产品价值,或将某些产品归到其他类别来避税或减税,可能会让你得不偿失。从中国进口货物到美国时,一定要准备好以下文件,并且要保证信息属实:

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