Matching customer experience when marketing on a global level

When going global and searching for new growth opportunities, e-commerce businesses often struggle to connect with their new markets and target audiences. At the same time, shoppers around the world have now come to expect the seller to present them with relevant brand touch points in real-time and across several channels, platforms and devices. The need to match your global shoppers’ brand experience with local expectations is unlike any e-commerce challenge you’ve ever encountered before.

The role of the brand in the customer’s experience

Your brand is what your company and its products stand for, what niche they fill or what market need they fulfill. The way your brand is marketed sets expectations for interactions with your offering, which you ideally carry out by providing your shoppers with a superior customer experience. 


Here are some customer experience best practices to consider when deciding to expand your brand overseas.

Create a global marketing strategy

To create a seamless consumer experience in every local market, brands must develop a global marketing strategy that can be adjusted to suit local needs, demands and trends. Doing so requires ongoing and open communication between the brand’s headquarters and local, in-market sources, utilizing the knowledge and expertise of local field-marketers and content creators to optimize existing branding and marketing materials for localization, translation and transcreation.

Make a connection & foster loyalty

Even when going global, you’re going to want to keep your shoppers’ experience local, by ensuring that real customer-brand relationships are formed and nurtured, from the first time they come into contact with your brand, through the entire sales funnel and beyond, whenever they return to make more purchases. While you may feel that it is in your e-commerce business’ best interests to keep your initiatives as similar as possible in every location, a certain degree of customization and personalization is advised, to ensure your marketing materials and services are relevant to each culture, resolving a need specific to each particular region and its people. You want to position your brand as high-quality, highly-personable and highly reliable, on a global scale, through stellar customer experience management and all it entails.

Ensure top quality products – satisfaction guaranteed

When going global, taking measures to make sure your products meet top quality standards is just as, or even more important than when producing items for local consumption. This is because the quality of your products is a direct reflection of your brand promise and its fulfillment. As such, when selling products internationally, your business absolutely must implement rigid quality control methods, capable of discerning your product’s ability to withstand overseas shipping processes and use by various populations. And, of course, it goes without saying that when selling items internationally, you will need to instate a robust return policy that shoppers can utilize, should they be dissatisfied with their buy.

Provide seamless international shipping

The best way to match brand with experience when going global is by providing shoppers AND merchants with seamless international shipping, doing away with unexpected costs and complex shipping processes in exchange for door-to-door, optimized and worry-free delivery.

Ladingo is the only technological solution to disrupt the world of international e-commerce with streamlined, automated container sharing for the shipping of large items, from anywhere and to anywhere in the world. Ladingo’s disruptive data-driven solution, ensures all pricing is presented upfront and all “importer” purchase requests are consolidated within a unified and automated platform. This allows sellers, buyers and forwarders to cooperate seamlessly, for a shopper experience that matches local experiences, even when shopping globally.

When it comes to international e-commerce, matching shopper experience in every locality is the key to successfully positioning your brand as a global leader. With Ladingo cheapest international delivery service, every online-shop can sell big and small products to shoppers anywhere in the world, highlighting your brand as the provider of a great local experience, on a global scale.

Ladingo – Sell BIG and Scale

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