Where’s The Beef?

Common mistakes businesses make when expanding their offering to international markets

Shoppers are always on the lookout for better, more innovative and trendier products and services. They want to buy anything, everything, at any time and from anywhere. They want to know exactly how much their international shipping costs will be – and they want to find the cheapest way to ship their small and large parcels internationally, ASAP. In terms one can easily understand and relate to, they want the double cheeseburger on sesame that is oozing with beefy goodness and extra-succulent. But expanding your company to global markets is not always easy. To do so successfully, you must clearly understand how global supply lines work, what cultural and social differences exist between countries and what each market’s needs and demands are. Trying to go global without doing your due diligence ahead of time will likely have you losing money and customers, instead of increasing profits and scaling. 

In the process of expanding internationally, it’s possible that your business will make certain, more common mistakes and wind up offering your shoppers with lots of bun, but leaving them scratching their heads, wondering where the heck the beef they so desperately crave is. Or in other words, while you put in copious efforts, they likely missed the mark.

Here are the main reasons why:

You aren’t providing international shipping

Unless you open warehouses in every locality you plan to serve, you cannot expect shoppers to order from your e-commerce site without making international shipping available. As it is, fewer than 1% of the 30 million companies based in the United States export their products or services to other countries – and among those who do, most companies only ship to one other country. It’s not unheard of that shoppers in one country make a purchase in another country and have it sent to someone they know who lives there, or to a warehouse belonging to an international importer, but this takes much time, coordination and often results in unexpected costs. If you don’t provide international parcel delivery, all your global marketing activities, will be for naught.

You are providing international shipping, but the process is overly complex

Sure, each country has its own rules and regulations, shoppers have their own payment method preferences, it can be a royal pain trying to fit numerous different purchases into a single, shared shipping container and finding the right forwarder to move your wares across the ocean for the right price. All they want to know is how much it costs to ship their packages internationally – and they want to know that those international shipping costs are as low as can be. Overly complex shipping processes, together with unexpected extra costs (to be discussed below), are the main reasons for cart abandonment and customer churn. If you don’t take measures to simplify and streamline your international shipping process and to provide up-front final costs, even the most loyal and interested customers will think twice before completing their purchase.

There are always extra, hidden costs

As a global merchant, it is up to you to know your international shipping costs ahead of time and present them with utmost transparency to your customers. Shoppers know that when shipping internationally there are bound to be tax payments, customs and other additional fees – but they want to be told about them up front, as they should be. It is hard to calculate the costs involved in shipping freight internationally in advance. However, taking into account all carriers involved, as well as fluctuating fees and surcharges, not doing so is a large and costly mistake.

You don’t have a technological solution in place

When going global, don’t go at it alone! You can accelerate your access to a new market, offer international parcel services and make all parties involved far happier, by utilizing a technological solution that helps organize, optimize and streamline your international shipping process, from purchase to doorstep delivery. Ladingo is the only global and scalable solution to provide exactly these services:

     Serving as a one-stop-shop for all international shipping requirements

     Guaranteeing any and all shipping costs upfront, regardless of the size of your product

     Optimizing delivery routes via ocean freight for the best, most cost-effective shipment

     Optimizing processes to include effective international product returns

     Utilizing data-driven technology to analyze which products to sell where, and for what price

     Matching shoppers’ experience with the seller’s brand in every locality

     Enabling scalability by adopting a modular approach

Avoid these mistakes and start increasing profits and scaling globally. More beef, every time. Only with Ladingo ecommerce shipping solutions.

Ladingo – Sell BIG and Scale

For more information, visit Ladingo’s international delivery service website, contact us or check out the company’s LinkedIn page.

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