Will Directly Shipping Furniture from China to US Shoppers Be a Game Changer?

Savvy shoppers are always looking for ways to acquire the items they want – as fast and as economically as humanly possible. In the digital era, that means that many consumers are turning to global e-commerce stores offering lower prices and exceptional international shipping services to provide them with exactly the item they seek for a far better deal than they’d find locally.

China has long been hailed as manufacturers of pretty much anything, for less. In fact, if you take a look at the labels on most toys, clothing and household items, you’d be hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t declare it was “Made in China.” These items have become more and more accessible to US and other international consumers at rock-bottom prices, due to the likes of online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, and, of course, Alibaba and AliExpress. Yet current opportunities for online shoppers still mainly focus on the sale of small items, as the B2C e-commerce market is mainly fulfilled by air. That being said, in 2019 advances in the fields of technology, logistics and customer fulfillment are enabling this wondrous endeavor to scale and include the international sale and delivery of large and bulky items, like furniture, from China, directly to shoppers in the US.

Amazon recently announced that its traditional two-day Prime shipping would transition to one, with another large retailer recently declaring that it would be launching its own version of fast (i.e. one-day) shipping, geared towards customer club members willing to pay for speedy delivery.Yet, the one-day delivery concept is limited to those shoppers willing to trade money for time. But what about the majority of buyers who may prefer to save a few hundred dollars and wait a number of weeks to redecorate, as renovations do not take a day? Aren’t marketplaces missing out on a great opportunity?

Shipping furniture from China to the US requires some heavy lifting

To this day, price remains the most dominant factor motivating shoppers to make their purchases online. Despite the hype around delivery, most shoppers are still more sensitive towards price than delivery speed. To minimize the costs associated with buying furniture, online sellers have been  searching for ways to ship from China, directly to their US shoppers’ homes, saving on local warehousing and other associated costs.

Yet, although furniture bought via US online shops and sent directly from Chinese manufacturers to the shoppers’ homes in the US may seem like a great, affordable idea, it’s not without its share of complexities and obstacles. 

So, how is furniture purchased from a US online shop and delivered directly from manufacturers in China to the shopper’s homes in the US not only possible but also affordable and hassle-free?

Marketplaces are seeking to optimize furniture sale

Ladingo’s ecommerce delivery solution is enabling e-commerce companies, including those selling their items on retail marketplaces, to fulfill international orders, by taking the hassle out of the international shipping of large and heavy items – through container sharing. Ladingo’s innovative platform connects online retailers, ocean freight forwarders and customers to enable the shipping of purchases of all shapes and sizes in shared containers – including furniture directly from manufacturers in China. The platform knows how to optimally load the containers with many different products of many different buys and many different sellers, deal with regulations, customs and taxation issues, optimizing cost-effective delivery to travel along the best route and satisfy all parties’ individual needs. In this way, Ladingo is enabling the world of B2C e-commerce international shipping of large items to the online shoppers’ front doors, as quickly and affordably as possible, helping to balance the fact that there are also shoppers who are willing to trade time for savings in their pockets.

When it comes to the advances in shipping of furniture from China to US shoppers, saving US online shops logistics and warehousing hassles, Ladingo is the clear industry leader.

If you want to provide your international customers with immediate international shipping quotes for their large and bulky purchases, contact us for more information.

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