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ZIM to Boost Alibaba’s global Shipping Using Startup Ladingo

Zim Alibaba Ladingo

Zim Alibaba Ladingo

Zim Alibaba Ladingo

ZIM to Boost’s Cross‑border e-Commerce Shipping Using Startup Ladingo’s Technology


ZIM recently teamed up with, and the two signed a strategic agreement for the direct purchase of sea freight. ZIM introduced Ladingo’s technology which is expected to improve logistics services to both sellers and buyers on China’s largest e-commerce platform. is the largest B2B e-commerce platform in the world, and recent improvements will probably solidify its position at the top for the foreseeable future. The improvements include tools that can help buyers find the right suppliers using reviews, transaction history, and a very useful trade assurance buyer protection coverage.

ZIM is a global player in ocean freight shipping, with substantial market share in China’s main export trades. ZIM has been targeting the e‑commerce sector by making strategic investments in companies that aim to streamline B2B & B2C cross-border logistics. One of ZIM’s investments, initially made back in 2019, was in the Israeli logistics startup Ladingo, which developed a groundbreaking technology that combines optimization of cargo and routes, while enabling taxes automation as well as E2E shipment management, for small and medium importers eager to focus on increasing revenue and decreasing shipping costs.

As part of the collaboration between and ZIM, Ladingo’s innovative logistics technology will simplify the shipping process while powering ZIM’s full door2door service through cloud software.

Ladingo’s system can be used by both sellers and buyers. Its shipping rate includes taxes and duties, and all customs clearance is taken care of by Ladingo and is seamless to users. All parties agree that it’s “the full DDP solution”. Ladingo technology will enable’s sellers and buyers to take full advantage of its optimization and consolidation capabilities, thus ensuring that they enjoy highly competitive rates.
The full DDP solution is already operational.

Eli Glickman, ZIM President and CEO, said: “ZIM leads the way in the introduction of advanced new technologies within the shipping industry. This is especially important nowadays, since COVID-19 changed the way we live and work almost overnight. Aligned with our vision, ‘Innovative Shipping Dedicated to You’, our unique tailor-made solution powered by ZIM Logistics China and Ladingo will enable to stay ahead of the curve”.

“B2B cross-border e-commerce should be as easy as classic B2C. When one wants to make an order of 2 pallets or even a container, there is no reason why the shipping or shopping experience should be any different”, says Ladingo CEO Hagar Valiano Rips.



About ZIM: Since 1945, ZIM has been providing creative operational and logistical solutions to customers. Over the years, ZIM has grown to become a leading force in the shipping industry by pioneering innovative technologies and expanding its vast geographical network while maintaining its tradition of excellence.

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